Saturday, December 27, 2008

Keeping up Appearances

Daily Draw: The Classic Tarot ~ Chariot

No I don't mean the BBC comedy, but the idea that we do things for appearances sake. This victory celebrant is standing upright with hands on hip and scepter in a moving horse drawn chariot. Where is his stability? Where is his common sense? Looks great at first glance, the crowd is throwing wreaths and branches, the horses are gorgeous, the celebrant has his best Sunday-go-to-meeting duds on but what will that serve him when he falls down?

I'm reminded by this card of false fronts. Pretending we haven't got cancer, pretending we still have all our money, pretending we aren't about to lose our house...pretending we are someone we aren't, perhaps never were. The one and only thing that always has been and always will be true is that we are not alone. There are always other people with the same problems and afflictions; if we will just open up there is much support and help to be had. Forget the pretend victory, step down from the cart, and pick up our lives.

This 1835 Lo Scarabeo reproduction deck has been pure delight to work with this week. Visually rich with symbology, each card will give as much information as the reader is willing to pull out of it. What a shame Lo Scarabeo slapped this sepia back on an otherwise stunning deck. The Classic Tarot is no longer available from Lo Scarabeo's North America distributor, but can be purchased directly from Lo Scarabeo's website.

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  1. I have really enjoyed your work with this deck, and the way you have brought out some unusual observations about the cards. I like this take on the Chariot; I've never thought of the card this way--false fronts. But it makes sense, that bravado we all put up at times for self-preservation's sake. It gives us the illusion of control.


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