Friday, December 26, 2008

Never Met A Coin I Didn't Like

Daily Draw: The Tarot Classic ~ Page of Coins

What an interesting group of cards I've drawn this week, about small mundane everyday life which is exactly what this week and the past have been. I've been snowed in, just me and my 4-footed companions so I've had all the time in the world to putter, work on cleaning up 2008 things, ponder life, review the past year and think about the new one.

I see this Page and combine it with the other cards I've drawn this week and as a life long entrepreneur my nose twitches and my hands itch to get started on another stream of income, but I see the 6 and Queen of Cups and know I have three huge committments that sooner rather than later will require my full attention. I will keep my eyes open for one-of opportunities and bide my time.

"I have always found that my view of success has been iconoclastic: success to me is not about money or status or fame, its about finding a livelihood that brings me joy and self-sufficiency and a sense of contributing to the world." ~ Anita Roddick 1942-2007

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