Friday, September 4, 2009

Listen To Me Slowly

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Spirit World ~ Knave of Wands

If we can get past memorized keywords this deck has much to teach. A keyword reader might see this as foreign travel or good news in a relationship. They would miss entirely that Wands in this deck are spirits of fear and passion, obsessions and faults. This knave hears only what he wants to hear, disregards advice and rules. On the plus side (because I do the same) he marches to his own tune which often puts him at odds with fellow life travelers.

I'm reminded by this card of a program I saw years ago on PBS. It was advice about better communication in marriages. He said "after you tell your partner something ask them to immediately repeat back what they just heard". I've done this a number of times and believe me, what goes in is not what comes out. We have the bad habit of being so busy formulating our answer, or defense, we don't have the time to hear the question.

"Gentlemen, listen to me slowly." ~ Samuel Goldwyn 1882-1974

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