Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hand Of Destiny

Daily Draw: Halloween Tarot ~ Hanged Man

I even dreamed of the Hanged Man last night. Before I slept I was reading about Chinese astrology and the San Ming of the Sung dynasty or Three Fates: The fate which follows one's behavior (justice/retribution/consequences), the fate which occurs despite one's behavior (natural calamities) and the fate of destiny or heaven.

I'm reminded by this card where I am this year could certainly be termed a Hanged Man position in both the 1st and 3rd position. I made a specific choice and commitment, but destiny perhaps plays a part as I had no choice to play in birth, birthplace, and the genes that made up the base of whom I've become that caused me to place myself here. It isn't a bad position to be in, it gives me plenty of time to think and whittle out the useless: physical, mental, and environmental.

"The willing, Destiny guides them; the unwilling, Destiny drags them." ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca 4 BC-65 AD

My third year of blogging with the Halloween Tarot, book by Karin Lee and artwork by Kipling West. Published by U.S. Games Systems 1997. In this deck Bats=Swords, Ghosts=Cups, Imps=Wands, Pumpkins=Coins.

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