Friday, October 23, 2009

Redemption, Better Late Than Never

Daily Draw: Halloween Tarot ~ Emperor

This Emperor is a product of his environment and other people's personalities. Like all of us, he didn't have any say in his birth, and like many of us he is a reflection of his makers.

I'm reminded by this card there is both good and bad in all of us. As I prepare to go back to the farm today my thoughts are on my FIL; an Emperor who in the throes of dementia is now kind and thoughtful, remembers to say thank you, and makes little jokes. All traits that were buried for 90 years. This card promises redemption for all of us, it is up to us to start the wheel turning. We should have looked harder for FIL's wheel.

"I think the secret to the guy was that he was very simple, not stupid, but not a genius, and he ended up being something like an elaborately clothed emperor in a kingdom full of people with no clothes." ~ Ken Stringfellow 1968-

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