Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Collect, Therefore I Am

Daily Draw: Old Time Tarot Revisited ~ King of Coins

When the casual by-passer freaks out about using tarot cards my mind turns to the opposite side of the coin, the tarot collector. There have been 1000's of decks published over the years, big issues with reprints in the 10's of 1000's, and small self-published decks of 50 or 100. The value can range from 'can't give it away' to many thousands of dollars.

I'm reminded by this King of Coins that perhaps money can't buy happiness, but it sure can buy a lot of cool expensive 'stuff' beyond the average person's hope of ever owning. It is probably just as well that paying the mortgage must come before buying the widget because if you've ever cleaned out an estate you know that to most cleaner-outers that 'stuff' is worthless at best.

If you've wondered, I keep my collection capped at about 80 decks. Two or three times a year I have a pare down and sell or trade decks away. I have about ten decks I would want to save if the house were to catch fire. For reading I actually prefer oracles to tarot. If I didn't enjoy journal/blogging so much with a different deck each week, I'd be perfectly satisfied to use my top ten decks the rest of my life and let all the rest go.

"I embrace emerging experience.
I participate in discovery.
I am a butterfly.
I am not a butterfly collector.
I want the experience of the butterfly." ~ William Stafford 1919-1993

For something new, this week I'm doing a two-step draw, showcasing a virtual deck created by F.J.Campos the resident graphic art expert and deck creator at Orphalese Tarot while doing my literal draw from the Il Meneghello Inaibi DI G. Vacchetta deck.

The virtual deck comes from Orphalese Tarot a software program, available for a free download. It comes loaded with many unusual decks, artists can upload their decks, and owners can scan in the decks in their collection. I personally haven't used it, but know many Tarotists who wouldn't be without it.

The deck in hand this week is my limited edition Il Meneghello 2001 version of the 1893 Naibi di Vacchetta Tarot. Even if you have no interest in owning one of Osvaldo Meneghello's historical reproduction decks, please visit his site and savor his art. It is worth the trip.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 7 of Coins/Stones

This oh so luminous card is subtitled Healing and reflects such a sense of peace and calm and safety.

I'm reminded by this card and current circumstances when deep physical or mental trauma is on-going, it takes more than a good night's sleep to recover. We have to take an active part in the healing and each in our own way seek the right combination of body mind spirit medicine. Certainly an Artist's Date is in order for this coming week. In the meantime I am thankful for this beautiful card which closes out our time with the Greenwood.

"When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life." ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Infinite Variety

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Three of Coins/Stones

Dawn has not yet broken and I am eager to get into my quilt room and work on my current project. You may already be in the kitchen designing a new muffin or spading the soil in your herbaceous border. Our creativity takes different routes but it is something we feel in our guts, an enthusiasm that will not be quenched.

I'm reminded by this card that creating something from our mind and hands is exciting and fulfilling and I am happy to be alive.

"Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but then reassemble those floating bits and pieces into an enticing new possibility." ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter 1943-

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Pole Star

In this deck the Star is the third major and is associated with February 1, Imbolc, return of the life-giving forces of spring. Here in our moderate Pacific NW climate, sheltered Forsythia and Camellia are coming on and spring bulbs are several inches above the soil.

I'm reminded by this card the older I get the more I relish the signs of spring, fresh growth, and the feelings of spiritual renewal. We may...just survive after all.

"The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size." ~ Gertrude S. Wister ?-2001

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Queen of Swords

Are you rare and priceless like this white hind or common as dirt? Either description would probably be uttered outside our hearing, Lord forbid we get a big head or hurt feelings.

I'm reminded by this card that I fall in the middle ground of life. It has really depressed me at times, having nothing I excelled at, and too well brought up to enjoy being common. This feels like one more mediocre day already...I wonder what I can do to ramp it up to exquisite?

"We must overcome the notion that we must be robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre." ~ Uta Hagen 1999-2004

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Relinquish The Rut

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Hermit 

 In the Greenwood the Hermit follows Death, signifying a time to rebuild after being reduced to nothing but bone.

 I'm reminded by this card, when forced by circumstances we can rebuild ourselves, yet day to day in the norm, we moan and complain about the baggage we surround ourselves with. If we can reclaim our good, we can leave the bad. We can break out of the rut, run from the comfort zone. 

 "If a hermit lives in a state of ecstasy, his lack of comfort becomes the height of comfort. He must relinquish it." ~ Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau 1889–1963

Monday, January 25, 2010

Maniac Phase

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Temperance - Balance

Some days are harder than others to maintain balance and temperance. I've mentioned before, once in awhile I get a bee in my bonnet and go mad on a particular course of action or interest. A maniac phase if you will.

I'm reminded by this card I am currently in that maniac phase and it is time to step away, let everything I know or think I know simmer for awhile. Too much at one time results in mistakes and missteps. There is no need for that, this subject has been around for thousands of years, I've had it on my mind in one way or another for at least a decade. Slow down, relax, temper actions with thought.

"The beauty of a mania is that it has the power to explain everything. Once accepted as the first cause of everything which happens in the mortal world, nothing is left to chance...logic can be happily tossed out the window." ~ Stephen King 1947-

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Right Wrong

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Justice

Ever put your tin suit on and tried to right wrongs?
I've found in humans, it is usually too late to make a difference.
In the world view it is usually too little to late.

I'm reminded by this card too little is still more than none. And we never know what ripples we create. I'm cynical yet a glimmer of hope still wavers, so I'll leave two quotations today.

"That's what it takes to be a hero, a little gem of innocence inside you that makes you want to believe that there still exists a right and wrong, that decency will somehow triumph in the end". ~ Lise Hand

"Mankind are an incorrigible race. Give them but bugbears and idols -- it is all that they ask; the distinctions of right and wrong, of truth and falsehood, of good and evil, are worse than indifferent to them." ~ William Hazlitt 1778-1830

Greenwood is the deck of the week again, I can't seem to put it down. I resisted it for years, it is out of print, very expensive when found and speculation and rumor surround the mystique of the artist Chesca Potter.

I spent a long time on what remains of her on-line presence comparing the book that came with the deck and the cyber book she wrote and posted after the set was printed. There are many differences; for anyone who really uses the deck it is well worth their time to have a copy of both publications. Many of the Majors have been renamed and reordered, in line with her Wheel of the Year. If I remember when on the other computer, I'll post the index from both sources up above with the Wheel scan.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Take Nothing For Granted

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

Blessed are they who've never had a life changing accident, death in the family, addicted loved one, serious health issue...

I'm reminded by this card of healthy home and life how much we sleepwalk through ours days. We have it all, and seldom think about it until it is ripped away. Celebrate what you do have, today. And tomorrow. And always.

"Dress up tonight, why be lonely?
You'll stay at home and you'll be alone
So why be lonely?
Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music
Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music." ~ Three Dog Night

Friday, January 22, 2010

Temper Temper

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Moon

My hidden side. Woke up cranky, proceeded to mad, did not pass Go, went straight into furious.

Get over it. Life is short.

"To be angry about trifles is mean and childish; to rage and be furious is brutish; and to maintain perpetual wrath is akin to the practice and temper of devils." ~ Alan Watts 1915-1976

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 6 of Wands

I grew up in a family that had a big garden, cattle, and chickens, so I thought I understood the concept of harvest; full pantry, freezer, and barn. Then I watched the PBS documentary Frontier House and understood the flip side; empty pantry and barn. And absolutely no where to go for supplies to feed family and farm stock in the middle of winter.

I'm reminded by this card that Harvest, it's subtitle, doesn't just refer to wants and needs fulfilled, it can also refer to a dearth of any human requirements, something we are seeing in stark images coming from Haiti this week. Time to count my blessings and share what I have where I can.

"But he who seeks all things, wherever he goes
Only reaps from the hopes which around him he sows
...A harvest of barren regrets” ~ Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton 1831-1891

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greenwood Wheel Of The Year

There seems no hope of ever seeing the Greenwood and it's attendant bits republished. I spent a lot of time looking for the Wheel of the Year that goes with the Greenwood Tarot deck and came up short until a friend shared one.
If you click on the image it should come up at 200+ KB 

The following are the Majors index, the first from the published book, the second from Chesca Potter's website majors. The second set has red highlights where the order deviates from the book.

Greenwood Tarot, Order of Majors (Book)
0 Fool
1. Ancestor (Hierophant)
2. Star
3. Archer (Chariot)
4. Justice
5. Lovers
6. Balance (Temperance)
7. Greenman (Emperor)
8. Greenwoman (Empress)
9. Blasted Oak (Tower/Hanged man)
10. Strength
11. Reflection (New/Hanged man)
12. Wheel
13. Guardian (Devil)
14. Death
15. Hermit
16. Judgement
17. Seer (High Priestess)
18. Moon
19. Shaman (Magician)
20. Sun
21. World Tree

Greenwood Tarot, Order of Majors from Website
0 Fool /Center of Wheel
1 Ancestor/Hierophant
2 Pole Star (related to Aces)
3 Archer/Chariot
4 Justice (related to twos)
5 Lovers/Lovers #2
6 Balance/Temperance (related to threes)
7 Greenwoman/Empress
8 Greenman/Emperor (related to fours
9 Blasted Oak/Hanged man/Tower
10 Strength (related to fives)
11 Reflection/New card/Hanged man
12 Wheel (related to sixes)
13 Death page 11
14 Guardian (related to sevens)

15 Hermit
16 Judgment (related to eights)
17 Seer (related to nines)
18 Shaman (related to tens)
19 Moon/Winter

20 Sun/Summer page 15
21 World Tree page 15
+ Storyteller on Card Backs. Page 16

Comes With Instructions

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~10 of Swords

After speaking of the 10 of Swords yesterday, here it comes today, to make a liar of me. In the Greenwood Tarot, her 10 of Arrows is subtitled Instruction.

I'm reminded by this card of a few of things my FIL has taught me in the last two years as we worked his farm.
#1, Safety First
#2, Safety First
#3, Money isn't everything.
#4, What it was like in 1932, as a child of 14 to get not only yourself, but your mother and two sisters fired for confronting the boss about shortchanging their paychecks. Times were tough and he sat in Mrs. Bear's office for two days until she recanted the firings and corrected their paychecks.
#5, Go light on the dynamite when blowing out stumps, otherwise your neighbor's tub might fall through the floor.
#6, When you have seven kids, a steady job that pays moderate is the wiser path than seeking a fortune.
#7, It is never too late to start something, you too may live to 91.
#8, How to raise healthy baby chicks.
#9, The true meaning of use it up, wear it out.
#10, Safety first.

"Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything." ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 1749-1832

And in aid of instruction here are ten other 10 of Swords cards. And you wondered why I like to use so many different decks...
Songs For The Journey Home Tarot
Margarete Petersen Tarot
Native American Tarot
Templar Vision Tarot
Liber T Tarot
Bohemian Gothic Tarot
Dürer Tarot
Mythic Tarot
Medieval Scapini Tarot
Druidcraft Tarot

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Death Watch

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 5 of Coins

In the years since I've been doing my card of the day this is just the fifth time I've drawn the 5 of coins. The 8, 9, and 10 of swords look worse but in my view they speak of inner turmoil or pain and finally hitting bottom, consequently moving forward from there. The 5 of coins is a more widespread life overview, the Minor's equivalent to the Major's Tower when a lot of outside factors negatively impact us.

My heart and my cards tell me we are just days from the time my FIL will be leaving us. Two days ago I began praying for that. He is done having fun and I pray for him as I would for us all, that he go easy while he has a shred of personal dignity and memory left. Perhaps that is wrong of me, but I've always said I'm not afraid of death, only dying. There are many appalling ways to get to the door... The last two years I've been his shadow on the farm, then his full time caregiver, now his home hospice provider. His leaving will impact my course in many ways. A lot of it reflected in this card.

"When you lose someone you love, you die too, and you wait around for your body to catch up." ~ John Scalzi 1969-

Monday, January 18, 2010

Swimming Upstream For A Purpose

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Knight of Cups

The Salmon, who is born to die swimming upstream in aid of its life purpose.

Some of us are fortunate to have been born a musician, artist, healer, therefore know what our purpose is. Most of us spend our life wondering. Knowing our purpose is a blessing, in that we can really throw ourselves into the task or quest, secure in the knowledge we are on the true path.

"This is the true joy in life - being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances." ~ George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snap Out Of It

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 8 of Swords

When I was in my twenties I struggled with seasonal depression. Today they would call it SADD I suppose. All I know is one day I'd get up fine and at some point I would literally feel the darkness wash over me and then for a couple of months I would feel like this card looks.

I'm reminded by this card that depression is real. You can't 'snap out of it', 'get over it', 'put a smile on it', 'fake it until you make it'. It is physical, like a cold or broken leg. You can recover, but it isn't a matter of thinking yourself out of it. I'm reminded by this card to be tender of everyone...depression doesn't show and I have no way of knowing if the person across from me is walking in the dark or the light. Doing a kindness costs nothing, why be stingy with it? It might be the thing that helps someone survive one more black day.

“In depression faith in deliverance, in ultimate restoration, is absent. The pain is unrelenting, and what makes the condition intolerable is the foreknowledge that no remedy will come -- not in a day, an hour, a month, or a minute. It is hopelessness even more than pain that crushes the soul." ~ William Clark Styron 1925-2006

My deck this week is The Greenwood Tarot, art by Chesca Potter, 118 page book by Mark Ryan. Published by Thorsons 1996. The direction of the Greenwood is drawn from the seasonal rhythms and festivals of the Wheel of the Year. It contains pre-Celtic mythology, shamanic mysteries, and ecology. The court cards are birds and animals, the suits are Wands, Arrows, Cups, and Stones.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grim Madness

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ 9 of Coins

You tell me what this has to do with this card. From the publishers included book: In any great undertaking, madness always plays a minor role. If madness plays a major role, the undertaking is bound to fail.
Insert sound of Tim Allen saying "mmhuuh?".

OK, I can do this...I'm reminded by this card how few of today's working citizens have used common sense re: their financial future. A sense of madness thinly disguised as consumerism has fogged our consciousness at the expense of our future. No savings, over-mortgaged, credit debt up the ying-yang. Yes this nine, which should bespeak contentment and complete financial well-being shows the opposite side of the coin. Madness and ruin foretold, of two or three generations destined for minimum wage service jobs and dumpster diving well into old age. Enjoy today, tomorrow is pretty grim.

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat. "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here." ~ Lewis Carroll/Charles Lutwidge Dodgson 1832-1898

Friday, January 15, 2010

Face Value

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ Emperor

This figure doesn't look very happy to be Emperor, the artist seems to have chosen to make him a younger version of the Devil card (below in Jan. 10th post). I infer that from the scepter, the colors, and the companions.

I'm reminded by this card that accepting information at face value can often shortchange us in many ways. Waiting for or digging for the real truth to become apparent is well worth the effort.

"Heroes and bogey men, values and dislikes, are first encountered and labeled in our early environment. In later years they change faces, places and maybe races, tactics, intensities and goals, but beneath those penetrable masks they wear forever the stocking-capped faces of childhood." ~ Maya Angelou 1928-

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say Who?

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ Empress

Zenobia, warrior Queen of Palymra.
Cleopatra Thea, Queen of Syria
Elen Luyddog, Princess of Wales
Makeda, Queen of Sheba
Lei-tzu, Empress of China
Cartimandua,Queen of the Brigantes
What do these women have in common? They were powerful leaders in their own right; respected, accomplished, intelligent, feared. When someone pulls this card and the reader gets all glowy and spouts, "oooo, there is a baby in your future", I just want to hurl. They sure don't say that when someone pulls the Emperor. So what gives with the weird idea that the Empress stands for some sappy sort of motherhood? I don't follow the logic of that thinking.

I'm reminded by this card, once again, that I'm a square peg. No news there.

"I may be kindly, I am ordinarily gentle, but in my line of business I am obliged to will terribly what I will at all." ~ Catherine the Great 1729-1796

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JuJu +

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ Queen of Coins

Big mojo, double closed Ouroboros and a third eye. I'd like to be a powerful woman for a week, their brains must be enormous to cope with life in the fast lane in what is still a man's world.

I'm reminded by this card that with big positions, comes big responsibilities, don't I have enough on my plate? Carl Jung describes the uroboros as the "dragon that devours, fertilizes, begets and slays itself and brings itself to life again." I suppose it is true of anyone in power, you'd need to remake yourself constantly to stay on top. Yet I do that too, down here on the bottom rung. Perhaps there is not so much difference between us after all.

"If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation." ~ Abigail Adams 1744-1818

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do do, Don't do

Daily Draw: Circle of Life ~ Hanged Man

This tree and figure are tied to nothing. Is it will power or stubbornness that keeps her hanging there? The Moon behind the tree suggests the latter to me.

I'm reminded by this card of how stubborn I used to be. I couldn't say how many times I cut my own nose off to spite my face with that particular flaw. To prove my point, but the point being, to anyone observing, there wasn't any point except that I wasn't changing my mind. I can only think of one stubborn point I'm sitting on at the moment; my SIL wants me to charge her folks for my time here. It would be around 5K a month. I'm point blank refusing. She thinks I'm nuts, I think she is. She will be here for three weeks shortly, I'm going to suggest she charge them and see what she does. I'm here by choice, she won't be, she will be here at my request. Two different sides of the same coin.

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come." ~ Anne Lamott 1954-

Monday, January 11, 2010

Het Cordeel

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ Judgement

I asked for it yesterday didn't I? Today I'm faced with Judgement or Judgment depending on where you are. Even that is a judgement; it comes up online, someone says without an e is wrong, someone says with an e is wrong, which then gets into nations, and from there segues into politics.

I'm reminded by this card just how unwise and unfair it is to judge strangers and nations based on what anonymous e-acquaintances and newspapers say. We can't see and hear nuances of face and voice on-line, and newspapers dumped being evenhanded at least a quarter of a century ago. Being judgemental is a personal flaw I fight against daily. So here is the card, to remind me I am judge of no one.

"Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances." ~ Wayne Dyer 1940-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Cloots

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ Devil

Do you believe in a God?
Do you believe in a Devil?
I've been thinking about it since I drew this card. I believe in God, but I understand why others can't. Difficult concept to get a mind around. The Devil? I honestly don't know.

I'm reminded by this card how astounded I am daily by the evil humans do, to themselves and each other. By the misery humans choose to live with. It is entirely possible that I am clinically depressed and the dark side seems blacker than it should but if hell is punishment, how can there ever be punishment enough? Wouldn't the concept of time be lost? If able to recognize punishment for eternity couldn't we still be able to think evil thoughts? Would we? Is breaking the ten commandments enough to send someone to hell? Forever? What about Bernie Madoff? If ten commandant crime is crime, is his crime equal to my stealing a packet of Fizzies when I was nineish? Why not? What about Hitler or Stalin? Would the soldier doing what his government charged him to do, would severely punish him for not doing, stand beside one of those two monsters as equal before the Devil? Is the idea of the Devil orchestrating our evil just one more damn way for humans to blame something or someone else for their actions? Anyway, that's where this card took and left me today. Puzzled.

"It is so stupid of modern civilization to have given up believing in the devil when he is the only explanation of it." ~ Ronald Knox 1888-1957

Lo Scarabeo's only round deck, Circle of Life, are my cards for this week. Art by Maria Distefano, published 2007.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goats And Greed

Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ 10 of Cups

We don't have a TV but some time last year I mentioned a Trading Wives show I'd seen in a waiting room where one husband refused to work, spent the son's rent money on tattoos, and hounded his daughter's meager payday for money to go to concerts. Weirdly enough I was stuck somewhere this week and the same show was on.

I'm reminded by this card and it's symbols of love and abundance how blessed I am to have a spouse who is on board with my financial principals and goals; we've never argued about money regardless of how little or much there has been over the years. Incidentally, the artist says those are sheep out in that brown dirt pasture, I think she is a city girl. In my dream 10 of cups that would be Kiko or Kune Kune goats and there would be brush, berry vines, and bracken galore for them to browse.

"Most people have enough money. It's that they don't know how to manage what they have." ~ Mary Hunt, Debt-Proof Living

Friday, January 8, 2010

Everything And Nothing

Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ World

Our World, how seldom we think of the whole. Just between thee and me in all honesty I try not to think about it because it makes me want to put a bullet in my head as punishment for being associated with humans.

I'm reminded by this card we are all responsible each day to do our own minuscule part to save mother earth. We all are capable of this, no saying it is someone else's job. It is my way of keeping the bullet away.

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." ~ Marshall McLuhan 1911-1980

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Preconceptions and Misconceptions

Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ 5 of Wands

In the 5's we might find that someone we thought highly of was a fraud, something we knew as bedrock knowledge was bogus, something we dreamed of turned to ashes; requiring a new action from us.

I'm reminded by this card these things are a daily occurrence on some level, because if we are alive we are learning, and that will always require us to reinvent preconceptions and misconceptions. No problem. There will always be something else to get wrong tomorrow...and with it the opportunity to get it "righter'

"In the wrong he lumbers on, doing what he knows how to do best. He is unwilling to rethink his future, unable to let go of the past. Like the shark, he must keep feeding, only now he is feeding on himself." ~ William Greider

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Broken Union

Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ 2 of Cups

I read an email yesterday from this deck artist which indicated the solar and lunar workings this deck is based on are incorrect, and will be corrected with her next deck.

I'm reminded by this card that unions based on faulty logic are pretty much destined to fail.

Raptus regaliter

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ King of Swords

The artist refers to this figure as the maimed king, the old warrior who will stand and defend his family against all comers.

I'm reminded by this card of how powerful love can make us. I can't think of anything I'd die for on my own behalf, but I'd give my life for my Rob to protect him from harm without a moment's hesitation.

"Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted." ~ Paul Pearsall 1942-2007

Monday, January 4, 2010


Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ 6 of Wands

Subtitled First Quarter Moon in Taurus and refers to rethinking, reconstructing, rebuilding, renewal, rebirth. I haven't thought about the word do-over for a long time. Something little kids call out I guess, something adults are not allowed to do. I long ago replaced do-overs with s**t. Which I've tried to break myself of for just as long.

This stunning Snow Owl inspires me to make my home shine like a new penny today, a renewed and reclaimed haven and refuge. It's small...won't take long.

"If I had it all to do over again, I would do most all things differently. However, how would I know that if, I had not had the opportunity to do them the first time." ~ Janice Markowitz

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Of Seeds and Civilization

Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ Hanged Man

Using the artist's Wheel Year The Hanged One falls on or represents August 2, Lammas/Lughnasad marking two significant times; The first harvest ushering in a time of abundance, and the time of handfasting-a trial marriage of a year and a day.

I'm reminded by this card of the gathering of the green. There have always been and always will be peoples who plant and harvest but as the earth gets further out of sync millions go hungry while farmers are paid not to grow, to pour milk on the land, to grow non-food plants like tobacco and cottonwood. I hope the coming of the green is not too late. Great civilizations have come and gone in the past, I expect ours is on the way out also, but somewhere there is the seed of a new and hopefully wiser civilization coming to fruit.

"An old mind surprised by seeing a purple fairy at sunset,
dancing to the crickets’ tunes,
leaping as guinea hens screech,
wary of the bats,
hovering to say,“Lugh’s Day, Lugh’s Day.”" ~ Mike Garofalo 1945-, Lugh’s Fairy

The deck this week is the Ma'at Tarot, I have #17/1000, signed by the artist Julie Cuccia-Watts, self published, 2006. In addition to their use in traditional tarot, Julie has designed her own system based on the lunar year for the minors and solar year for the majors. There is a 39 page workbook by Corrine Kenner and a hardcover 291 page book by the artist. That is just my set...Julie's website offers many more Ma'at books to complement and flesh out her system.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Daily Draw: Margarete Petersen Tarot ~ Death

Does the human mind ever really quit struggling against the reality of death? I'm having a lot of trouble with the difference between Visiting Nurses and Home Hospice Care. Intellectively I get that VN's purpose is to get the patient better and stronger. And that HH is to provide comfort. Period.

I'm reminded by this card that I know FIL's time is short and probably at this point worrying about nuances is all about me...but that mad monkey in my mind just natters on and on and on.

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing." ~ Redd Foxx 1922-1991

Friday, January 1, 2010

Was, Is, Will Be

Daily Draw: Margarete Petersen Tarot ~ 3 of Wands

I see a stick/skeleton figure from the past on the left, a stone/fully formed figure center, and a shadow figure coming out of the future on the right. I wonder how many of us if offered the one time chance would know the future? Not me, too scary. Beside that I don't believe in fate, why bother being born if everything is already written in stone?

I'm reminded by this card and the exciting shapeless formless figure wishing doesn't make it happen either. Between a life set in stone and the fantasy ether is the real me today. Who is able to steer my life in the direction I wish it to go. And as far as I can tell by long time observation of my fellow travelers the only wish I can't deliver on is to be taller. And I know well to take care what I wish for...I might get it.

"O you who turn the wheel and look to windward, Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome and tall as you." ~ T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land, 'Death by Water'.