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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sleeptime Dreamtime

Daily Draw: Sacred Path Cards ~ Dreamtime

Several cultures hold Dreamtime as a period of sacred visions offering truths we need to know or foretelling of the future. I have vivid dreams, most gone by the time my feet hit the floor. A few, and one in particular have stayed with me over many years.

I'm reminded by this card of the curve in the highway and the farm and barn on the south side. Why has that particular dreamtime image stuck with me so long? What does it mean? Where is it really? Is driving west significant? It was afternoon, should that be considered? Does any of it matter? I doubt it...but I think one of my SIL's has done a lot of research about dreaming, perhaps I'll ask her next time she is here. I'm guessing it was just more sleeptime images and I'll never know if it means something I need to know.

This is a rather painful deck to use, it asks as opposed to tells, requiring the reader to dig deep and turn over musty half-formed mutie thoughts, rise them to the surface and untether them or allow them a real shape.

"I never saw anybody fall apart so fast
Living in dreamtime you know it ain’t gonna last
Never saw anybody think she’s so right and be so wrong
Living in dreamtime
It’s hard to carry on" ~ Daryl Hall 1946-

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