Friday, May 7, 2010

Air Pie

Daily Draw: Anubis Oracle ~ Crested Ibis

The Ibis represents the suit of Air in this deck. Air from whence all life comes. It boggles when you stop to mentally digest how much air there is and how many times it has been breathed in by the eons of people before us, breathed out, and scrubbed clean by green plants and trees. Do my trees get triple time for scrubbing the air for those who live at sea and in the desert? Have I breathed the same particles as Ramses? Or the cow abuser down the street? Does it matter?

I'm reminded by this card that air also represents intellect. That miracle that lets us type, read, and drink coffee at the same time; build computers that use the Ethernet so we can communicate instantly with someone or many ones all over the planet. The miracle that allows us to decide who love and hate, how to feed us, how to create something so beautiful it knocks the socks off the viewer.

Rob and I have a saying when we can't see something right dead in front of us. "What do you think that is, Air Pie"? You'd be surprised, or maybe not, how many times that sentence comes up. Sometimes our intellect is missing and maybe sometimes that can be a blessing.

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