Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Daily Draw: Fairy Tarot ~ 6 of Cups or Hearts

This is the deck I used for my first week of card draws that were blogged in March 2007. According to my Blogger Dashboard I've made 1135 daily draw posts since then. What has spilled out of my keyboard has surprised me, shocked me, humbled me, made me cry or made me laugh, and often embarrasses me.

Learning about tarot was my 2006 learn something new task. 2007 was figuring out how to blog. My original intent was to make it an additional stream of income, linking it to my Ebay store, Amazon, direct sales, etc. I made and deleted a LOT of posts between January and March. Too hokey, too dull, too short, too long...nothing fired my mind or engaged my enthusiasm. I was about to give it up as a 'tried it didn't like it' project when writing in my daily draw journal in March I wondered if it wouldn't be easier to track my cards for reference if I put them in my blog. Eureka. I edited my December 2006 post and here we are at today where I begin again with my 'keeper' decks. The rest have gone to greener pastures with other people.

I receive so much from journaling my draws that I decided my blog (s) would be the one area of my life that was sacrosanct from lucre. I do this for me. If passers-by stumble on Quirkeries or KalamaQuilts and have a good laugh on me or with me all the better. I have nothing to hide from the world, what I really do here is expose myself to me.

The deck is The Fairy Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo of Italy in 1997, distributed by Llewellyn in North America. This is a odd variant of the Rider-Waite tarot system. Although they labeled it tarot and it has 78 cards, many of them are far afield from the norm. The book often uses the term Oracle and all 12 of the spreads offered use the word Oracle. That's why I like it, and why many readers don't. The kit edition has a soft cover 157 page book is credited on the cover (shown on sidebar this week) Helene and Doris Saltarni but only Helen is credited in the book.

The majors were done by Antonio Lupatelli who has done many decks for Lo Scarabeo, the minors were pulled from the body of artwork left by Richard Doyle 1824-1883. Which explains why the images and meanings do not conform to the norm; there weren't many norms in the group. It makes for an interesting and enjoyable deck, if you like thinking outside the box. Which I do.


  1. I enjoy the daily tarot - sometimes it is too close to home - but that's more thinking material for me - thanks

  2. Sharyn,

    I came intiially because I was attracted to the illustrations on the cards, enjoy the quotes, and for a brief moment each day (OK, most days .... sometimes like today I am catching up with about 5) I share a tear, a fear or a laugh. Thank you for sharing some special moments.

    Judy B


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