Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where's The Action?

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Page of Wands

This figure has his tool and his orders, he faces the future ready for a quick start...and nothing is happening. I know the feeling well. I'm the person in class early with some of the project finished, who gets to sit and wait for the stragglers to mosey in and decide at that point if they even brought their tools.

I'm reminded by this card age has made my life a little easier. I had a work partner for six years who was always 15-20 minutes late every morning. The world didn't implode, she eventually caught up...or not... her clients seldom seemed to mind and it taught me that it all works out in the end. It's just life and money and both are finite; relax, breathe. It's alright.

"Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow." ~ William Shakespeare 1564-1616

The Llewellyn Tarot is my pick for this week, another of my top ten favorites, last blogged October 2007. Llewellyn Worldwide commissioned this deck to celebrate their 100th anniversary of publishing, and to honor the life and work of Llewellyn George who came to the US from Wales in 1901 and founded the business.

The deck features the stories of the Mabinogion and illustrates the beauty and stark grandeur that is Wales, then and now. Published 2006, softcover 264 page book and deck art by Anna-Marie Ferguson. This is another deck that I've embellished with paint and polish like the Anubis Oracle, you should see the cards gleam and glow in candlelight...


  1. Bonjour France
    I'm glad to see this game in your blog, it is also one of my favorites for future purchases for some time.
    Could you tell me the dimensions of the cards, I do not like the large maps.
    Good week.

  2. Looking forward to these cards this week. I have the deck but haven't used it yet. This is a reason to finally get it out and have a look.


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