Friday, September 3, 2010


Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ Page of Coins/Jewels

For two plus years while I've sort of lived in my uber-frugal in-law's pockets, I've closely observed their habits. Most I've admired, a few I've shuddered at, mainly because they were counter-ecological...burning plastics for one. But we've decided to follow one example and discontinue garbage service. A savings of $360 dollars a year.

I'm reminded by this card beginning anew is never as easy as it sounds, this because it requires a radical change of long established habits. Separating, rinsing, sorting, cleaning, crushing...yesterday I reused my coffee filter and grounds because at the moment it seemed easier than letting them dry, rubbing the grounds into the compost can and adding the filter to the paper sack. We're coming along far for a full week I have only two rinsed jar lids in the garbage garbage. That's it. We can do this, two people working in an ecologically sound manner. Brother, can you give me a green KaChing!

"There’s no better way to understand how disconnected we are from our environment than to ask the big metaphysical question, the question that if we had a clear answer for it, would unlock the deepest mysteries of life on this planet: Where does our trash go?" ~ Rob Bell 1970-

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