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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making Love Fully Clothed or The Story Of Lint

Daily Draw: Tarot of Paris ~ 2 of Cups/Water

In the Adela Bradley mystery Speedy Death Adela deducts the secret relationship between two people by the mere fact of one brushing the lint off the suit of the other. A fact that showed prior intimacy, something a non-intimate wouldn't do. In the last scene Adela says to her chauffeur George Moody, "come George, it's time to go" and brushes lint off his suit front.

I'm reminded by this card of that scene and how Rob and I laughed. And how occasionally in public we will brush a bit of lint off and give each other the knowing eye. Public intimacy in a secret code. You don't have to be naked to make love.

"While you are destroying your mind watching the worthless, brain-rotting drivel on TV, we on the Internet are exchanging, freely and openly, the most uninhibited, intimate and, yes, shocking details about our "CONFIG.SYS" settings." ~ Dave Barry 1947

This week I'm using J. Philip Thomas Tarot de Paris published 2002 by St. Martin's Press last seen on Quirkeries July 2007. A beautifully photographed deck with images from Paris France. I was tickled to find when visiting Thomas' site this morning that he too has fallen under the thrall of the labyrinth. It is one of my dreams to to create one of my own someday soon.

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