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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paging Of Swords

Daily Draw: Gummy Bear Tarot ~ Page of Swords

Look at that wind blow. But Gummy isn't playing golf he is doing practice swings with his sword. Swords are the suit of intellect and we don't require good weather to think or plan or scheme.

I'm reminded by this of the cards I drew yesterday for a query of my own. I got the King of Wands for the situation King of Cups for the blockage King of Coins for the probable solution/outcome. The immediate truth is right there, it will take a ton of physical labor, Rob is such a conservative thinker he won't leap like I want to, and it would take a big commitment of money but no doubt there is a huge return on the investment. But the three kings in one draw tickles me, so I left the spread there to look at every time I went by to use my intellect to work out alternative answers. I was paging of swords...similar to working crosswords or suduko.

"Thought is free." ~ William Shakespeare 1564-1616

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