Saturday, September 25, 2010

Remembered? Or Judged?

Daily Draw: Tarot de Paris ~ Judgement/Angel

The idea of will we be remembered or judged came this morning when reading about America's youngest billionaire. One side says he has been a cheat and a liar and fraud, pretty strong public accusations, on the other hand he just gave a one hundred million dollar grant to education, blowing many older billionaires right off the philanthropy map. The cracked teapot party is supporting a candidate whose current public persona is a paranoid loony without a fiscal brain in her head, but the press is concentrating on something she said she did as a teenager.

I'm reminded by this card I think I'd rather be remembered, not judged. The good Lord knows what a black heart I've occasionally had in my youth which pretty much covers birth to yesterday. And at ninety years old, I'll probably still be doing and saying things I'll regret the next day... I can only continue to work toward all my mistakes and failures being new ones, not old ones from which I've not learned a valuable lesson.

"A man's errors are his portals of discovery." ~ James Joyce 1882-1941

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  1. Hello from France

    It's reallay a fabulous deck.
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