Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Real Magic

Daily Draw: Green Man Tree Oracle ~ Blackthorn

Blackthorn has been associated with magic since time out of mind. I'm thinking this morning of the things I know as magic. My sewing machine has a thread cutter mechanism. I used it for the first time this week and it's magic. Added bonus it sounds like the start of a favorite 60's song. It's still hard for me to get past the idea that the people on radio and tv are not in the radio or tv. It is modern magic how they get down that small cord. There is magic that enormous airplanes fly and battleships float.

I'm reminded by the Blackthorn tree I don't want to know how some things work...that they are magic is enough for me.

"I lost the privilege to even discuss the topic, I did it so bad." ~ Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter 1969-


  1. I'm with you, Sharyn, I don't want to know how the magician saws the lady in half, I just want to enjoy the show. If you know how EVERYTHING works, the world becomes a very flat place.

    ~~ Vera

  2. "since time out of mind" is such a marvelous phrase. I always find myself saying "since before time" or "in ancient times" or "before the written word" but 'since time out of mind' is precisely it. Do you know from where we derive the phrase ?


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