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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Faith Under Pressure

Daily Draw: Da Vinci Tarot ~ High Priestess

If your child were ill and no doctor available how would you decide a diagnosis or course of treatment?
If you thought you were adopted how would you go about finding yourself?
Do you meander along and call where you are the goal, or choose a goal and work toward it?

There are times in our lives when we have to depend on our mental library of knowledge and personal intuition.
I'm reminded by this card having a broad base of interests and honing any natural abilities we have is always a good idea. Put it this way, if you only had yourself to depend on in any situation that might arise, are you confident enough to cope? Or is drama queen the chosen persona? There is no need for that, we each do have a High Priestess within, mouldering beneath self-doubt.

"We are all such a waste of our potential, like three-way lamps using one-way bulbs." ~ Mignon McLaughlin 1913-1983

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  1. I veer between the two, depending on the situation. It would be nice to be so grounded so as to not veer at all.


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