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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Inner Busker Wants Out

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ Celebration

Sing and dance? Maybe if I were drunk. But I surely do admire those that can and do perform in public.

I'm reminded by this card of a busking violinist in the London underground tube twenty years ago. Beautiful music, made me cry. Oh, to have a talent that just bursts to get out and be seen or heard anywhere and everywhere. And that is the key, it's about what needs to be expressed, not about who or how many are watching.

"Well you know my name, but ya still call me a guitar busker.
I know the people I see on the skid and they have done a lot less for the world than me.
With their hats pulled down over their eyes and faces you can't see.
Now this don’t make me right, I ain’t no better than thee.
It’s ours to pick and choose our ways of life, come free." ~ Woody Guthrie 1912-1967


  1. I am a busker in New York. I chanced upon your post through a Google search for poetry about busking.
    I really like what you said: 'it's about what needs to be expressed, not about who or how many are watching.'
    Thank you for posting Woody Guthrie's song - I haven't come across that one before.

    All the best,

    Saw Lady

  2. I went to high school with a young woman who went around singing (she did have a nice voice). I don't think she was trying to impress anyone; for her, it was much like breathing...


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