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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tackle The Dragon

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Gnomes ~ 6 of Swords

What's your dragon? I would think my hugest dragon is animal cruelty but I surely do have a clutch of smaller ones. But a dragon is a dragon and we are but insignificant fodder in their sight.

I'm reminded by this heroic but deluded young champion that it isn't possible for mere humans to slay a dragon in the fashion he has chosen. Head on in one swipe is the stuff of legends, not real life. Rather we need to think like a feral dog, dash in and take one bite at a time when the dragon is distracted. With continued dedication before long he hasn't a leg to stand on and can be toppled. Some dragons will spring renewed because they hide in human disguise and there is the pity...even one bite at a time we'll never clear the earth of cursed humans.

"Was it for this I uttered prayers, And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs?" ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay 1892-1950

The deck this week is Tarot of the Gnomes, one of Lo Scarabeo's quirkeriest. It defies classification but trods it's own path, as fun or deeply thoughtful as you care to make it. For anyone steeped in Rider-Waite mindset, this deck will come as a surprise, with many differences that set on the Thoth side.
Art by Antonio Lupatelli, Published 2000 by Lo Scarabeo, Torino Italy

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  1. Sometimes it's good to be brave, and sometimes it's good to know how to run fast... :)
    I really like this quirky little deck!


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