Sunday, February 6, 2011

Live To Die

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ Death

Like the hand that pops up from the grave in the last three frames of a movie, which in turn causes our heart to try to leap from our chest...death is always the last surprise. Even when our eyes, heart, and doctor have told us a loved one is out of time, death is still a surprise and a shock.

I'm reminded by this card humans are so careless with their own life and destructive to others because in the deepest heart of hearts we truly don't think we will die. We may have a will, we may have prepaid funeral plans, we may give away all our stuff because we've been told we are going, we may embrace a religion that says we'll live again...but we don't believe, in our heart, we are going to die. That's why we never get past the first puny efforts to civilize society. With civility comes public and private responsibilities. And each generation thinks they'll have time later, later with all that time we'll have when we don't die.

"People were talking about virtual reality, and some were saying one day we will download our consciousness and live forever in computers. And it struck me as just a load of crap. I wondered why we tell ourselves these fantastic stories, and I found it has been happening since the first caveman took a burnt stick and marked his X on the rock wall." ~ Jeffrey Sconce

I'm working with the Haindl Tarot this week, large German edition published by Lotos Verlag 2002, art by Hermann Haindl. The suits are labeled Wands, Cups, Swords, Stones. Wands represents Indian Hindu, Cups Celtic, Swords Egypt, Stones Native American. The minors include I-Ching, the majors include runes, Arabic numbers, zodiac sign, and Hebrew letters. All this has tried to create a one size fits all deck. I ignore it all and go with the images, as usual. All that said, the Haindl is one of my top ten favorite decks.

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  1. Even when someone dies, we put make-up on them, dress them in their finest, and lay them in a box of satin pillows and sheets. As if we want to believe they are only sleeping... I'm opting for cremation and a nice clay urn.


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