Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Again

Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Four Winds Oracle ~ Lightning

Eight million bolts a day. Making the ozone molecule which creates the shield protecting earth from sun. Subtitled Awakening, this is the first Shadow Holder drawn this week; it encourages us to take our mind and heart beyond the mundane and embrace the extraordinary truths which have been right in front of us all along.

I'm reminded by this card I'm mostly embarrassed by my 20's, my 30's were so busy as to be barely remembered, my 40's were mostly confused, knowing I was missing something but not knowing what, where, or why; there I began making tentative steps toward true life and an authentic me. I love my 50's. I've taken the time to search inward and uncover facets of the heart or mind which can be gently polished, reflecting the Lightening of Awakening. I run to the future, I wouldn't go back a single day for anything. And I feel like I'm 30 again.

"When lightning streaks across the sky
Look beyond its power to your own." ~ Barry Brailsford


  1. I guess we have to try all the pleasures and experience all the pitfalls to get to the place where we feel like we're missing something enough to look with new eyes.
    A toast to the fifties!!

  2. I just found this blog, thanks to Mary Greer. Thank you! I love it.

  3. Your post makes me feel that I am not alone - I am in my mid-40s and I find myself feeling confused a great deal. I seemed to remember knowing everything in my 20's and having a clear idea of what I wanted in my 30's. Now, my priorities and outlook have changed and it is like starting over again.


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