Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Knowledge

Daily Draw: Wisdom of the Four Winds ~ Antares

This card is subtitled Knowledge. I was recently asked by Mary Greer to share some thoughts about Quirkeries, here is my response. More knowledge than you wanted, but it covers a bit about the 'why' of my tarot blog.
(who is Mary Greer? A gifted and knowledgeable tarotist, one who is willing to share with the world)

Mary. thank you for your interest in my blog, In your email you asked:
Would you start with these questions and add anything else you’d like to talk about:
Did you start out with the three sections or experiment before you settled on them?
Where do you get your quotes?
Do you ever miss a day? What do you do then?
What’s the main thing you’ve learned by doing this?
I think what I’ve won/learned from daily draws is 98% destroying the keywords I worked so hard to learn. That is the way I learn and they were invaluable in the beginning, but as my knowledge and confidence grew the need for keywords faded.
I shuffle, fan, and draw at random and looking back through my paper record I’ve drawn (for example) the Fool, the Knight of Wands, the Ace of Coins maybe 25-30 times. I can go to my blog, search for those cards and see 25-30 different interpretations of those cards. For me, that kind of stretching is invaluable. It also underscores the value for me, of multiple decks = multiple viewpoints.
Someone whose mind goes to standard keywords reading my blog would wonder what orifice I pulled my observations from but at the end of the day, those observations show how flexible the cards are.
As for nuts and bolts, each year I choose something new to learn. One year it was tarot. One year it was blogging. I wrote and deleted SO many posts but in the course of that I learned a few things. To be successful at blogging I needed a core subject that I found endlessly fascinating. Tarot fit the bill, there is literally no end to the study of the history and symbolism and psychology of the cards. March 2007 I hit my subject and stride. Looking back at that month this morning, I still remember some of those draws, particularly the Druidcraft 7 of Swords. And the very first post, the pudgy redhead from the Fairy Tarot, so much like me at the time.
I don’t know when I started adding the accompanying quotes but I know why the idea crossed my mind. I like to choose a daybook most years, and I admired the quotes Sarah Ban Breathnach used in her book Simple Abundance. When I realized my blog was turning into a personal daybook, the idea of using quotations followed. I have learned SO much in the course of seeking out quotations that mirror my feelings each day, yet are not a clone of my written words. Everything from Confucius to Homer Simpson and there is always something to learn about the author and what makes their life and writing worth quoting.
Missing days..yes, at one point my computer died so there was about a week missing. For my own information I listed in a post what cards those were, then went forward.
I spent 3 years elsewhere taking care of my father in law and his farm. There are some posts missing there, in the beginning. I missed the stability of my blog and tarot time (I do it the very first thing with my morning cuppa) so I bought a laptop to use there. As a side issue the draws from that time are sometimes all that kept me going, particularly the last eight months or so when he and I traveled home hospice time, when each day pieces of his mind dropped into the abyss. Without my draws to focus my mind and heart it would have been more tragic and less comforting for both of us. I’m not even sure I could read back through those posts. At the time I also had a quilt blog (KalamaQuilts, at the bottom of my sidebar) and made a lot of funny posts about the same situation.
Mary, this is probably both more and less than you wished to know, but it is what wordsmithing supplied today. I’d like to thank you for your research and books in which you’ve shared so much with the tarot community.
All the best, Sharyn Woerz, Quirkeries
"The authentic self is the soul made visible." ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach 1947-


  1. And there are those of us who have you to thank for encouraging us to start our own tarot blog and learn from it... :) Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, Sharyn. I have wondered some of those self same things, and now I have an answer, though perhaps not the same one as you would give a month from now :) Isn't tarot wonderful, that it endlessly intrigues, supports and provides humour and insight.

  3. This was facinating to read. This is such a great blog and is always a pleasure to read. I really enjoyed reading a bit about the background. I too always wondered about all these uncannily appropriate quotes you always seem to have at hand. LF

  4. Thank you all for leaving a note. I blog for myself, but it is always a pleasure to hear a friendly voice.

    Don't be a stranger now, yahear?


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