Sunday, December 4, 2011

Helping Only Harms

Daily Draw: Fairy Tarot ~ 3 of Coins

This Doyle image is titled Teasing A Butterfly. He painted it so that must have been his intent, but it isn't the intent behind an upright 3 of Coins, so perhaps this must be viewed as reversed? Because even good-intentioned efforts to help a friend or family can be the absolutely wrong thing to do and can add years of pain and misery to someone's life, including our own.

Rob and I both have brothers who've had a life-long path with drug/alcohol addiction. We learned far too late in the game via Al-Anon and Nar-Anon that all the propping up and bailing out and sheltering were futile, weakening rather than strengthening, and simply putting off the eventual crash that will finally cause them to try to swim rather than sink. They have to make the decision, they have to make the changes. Standing aside can tear our heart out, but we must respect other's decisions and allow them the full consequences. There, is the only kindness we can offer.

The deck is The Fairy Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo of Italy in 1997, distributed by Llewellyn in North America. This is a odd variant of the Rider-Waite tarot system. Although they labeled it tarot and it has 78 cards, many of them are far afield from the norm. The book often uses the term Oracle and all 12 of the spreads offered use the word Oracle. That's why I like it, and why many readers don't. The kit edition has a soft cover 157 page book credited to Helene and Doris Saltarni on the cover, but only Helen is credited inside the book.

The art for the majors is by Antonio Lupatelli who has done many decks for Lo Scarabeo, the minors were pulled from the body of artwork left by Richard Doyle 1824-1883. Which explains why the images and meanings do not conform to the norm; there weren't many tarot norms in the group. It makes for an interesting and enjoyable deck, if you like thinking outside the box. Which I do. The suits are renamed Leaves/Swords, Hearts/Cups, Acorns/Wands, Bells/Coins.

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