Monday, April 30, 2012

Memory Chips

Daily Draw: Granny Jones Tarot ~ 6 of Cups

Memories, life is made of 'em.
  •  The spring of 1970 bringing home a jar full of polliwogs. Probably my first artist date although it would be 30 some years before I'd read the phrase and recognize it. 
  • Reading Jane Eyre through a rainy camping weekend. 
  • My first airplane trip, alone, going to Alaska to care for a friend with cancer. 
  • The 'club' in the late 1950's...we thought we were going to make a killing for the club kitty by selling mints out by the mail box. Those kids were all such good friends. No agendas at that age in those days.
  • Cats, all my precious cats through the years.
  • Hunting parties and how wet we'd get during the days and how much laughter there was at night. 
  • The green and cream kitchen woodstove. So beautiful. Got shoved in a pit and buried, time had moved on at the farm.
  • The first time hearing a friend had died in 'Nam. Would that it had been the last. 
I am reminded by this card I have memories by the millions, could finish out my days  just reliving them. But no...I'll go forward, making new memories for the files, something to look back upon when there is no more forward.


  1. Great memories, well most of them...
    It somehow reminded me of the Pratchett book I just read, where Twoflower, the Disks first tourist decides to go home again cause you need to come home before you can remember and think of all the stuff that happened when you were not home.

  2. Dear Sharyn, we've never met and hardly will ever meet each other. But I love you so much. And how you draw the world before your eyes - it's just undescribable. Be happy, be lucky, be blessed.


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