Friday, September 14, 2012

Self-Fulfilling Labels

Daily Draw: Songs For The Journey Home ~ Wheel of Fortune

The authors would like us to think about the labels we apply to life events and changes. We should be in the center, identifying reasons and potentials. More often we are outside the sphere ignoring, waiting for the miracle that never comes, having a moan.

The Wheel of Life is full of good fortune and rewards for hard work, but it's the hard times when we get ourselves really out of whack. Mostly by ignoring the facts or reacting with damage control, rather than being proactive and actively seek to draw good from the bad. It is quite a trick we humans do...managing to plod along in a straight line while our head is buried in the sand.

"The search for the truth was hindered by the desire to do damage control." ~ Reverend Melvin Whitley


  1. I see we are both on the same "wheel" today. :)

  2. oh yes, always that thinking that 'if only' or 'i do it later' instead of enjoying the process. I tend to get anxious and caught in negativity a lot and tarot really helps with that, being so here and now.


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