Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Need To Vanish

Daily Draw: Songs For The Journey Home ~ 4 of Swords

Seems like I've just been hanging on by my thumbs for so long. Since 2008 at least. These images offer respite away which is an interesting concept as opposed to the comfort of home and familiarity.

I'm reminded by this card sometimes home is a place where you stare at the walls all day and at the ceiling all night. Safe. And comfortable. But we are still there, still involved, no where to run, no where to hide, no where to safely think without breaking in pieces.

"Courage is getting away from death by continually coming within an inch of it." ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton 1874-1936

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  1. Walk outside, breathe some fresh, and rest under a tree or beside a pond. Nature is the best comfort I know of when you're grieving. Your friends are here to support you, but we don't want to impose.


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