Monday, December 10, 2012

Get Up To Tricks

Daily Draw: The Power Deck ~ Witness

I wonder how many times strangers have been witness to things I'd rather not be seen doing? Probably often, in my youth. Not so often now. Too tired or busy to get up to tricks.

I'm reminded by this card to lead a blameless life; wouldn't it be an extraordinary surprise to the ones who know me...

"Live as if someone is always watching you
In all you do
Live as if someone
Is always watching you

Eventually you will find
That both of you will need to come to some compromise
Maybe one or the other could agree
To sleep at different times
Or go off alone
Or at least shut their eye

Shut your eye off once in a while
Shut your eye off once in a while

So at least one of us
Can with some conviction say :

I am not of this glutty room
Or of this flubby body" ~ Live as if someone is always watching you, Smog, Rain on Lens

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  1. I would have loved to have known you in your youth; had we been friends then, I'm sure there would be tales to tell!:)


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