Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oral Traditions and Ratings

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Hierophant

This particular figure refers to a Welsh bard or professional poet dating back to the sixth century. I've tried to think why his hands are hidden, normally the Hierophant holds something of importance relating to his chosen field. Perhaps he couldn't write. Perhaps his limbs were stricken or stunted. Perhaps he never existed at all; never the less, great poetry remains that is credited to him.

I'm reminded by this card until recent times much history was passed down orally, repeated by the elders to the youth. Much of what we think as bedrock began as oral stories. I wonder how the first version varies from the ten thousandth version. Was faithful to the original held in high regard or did the ego of the teller override the telling? Like today's news sources...where it is make up/publish/tell the story first, the heck with checking details. The heck with what harm it does. The heck with destroying lives for no reason other than ratings.

" These talk shows are trying to get ratings by generating heat, when they ought to be trying to generate more light." ~ Bill Clinton 1946-

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  1. interesting. i've actually been thinking of oral history myself lately, not least because of all the interesting things my mother and grandmother told me about ours, during WW2 and before/after, and how, unless i remember/tell/write that down... and also i guess the idea of 'story truth'...does it really matter if every detail remains correct, or even if some things are intentionally changed, if the heart of it stays or becomes clearer? though i guess there is a real difference between news and story...or at least there should be, ha ;]


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