Saturday, December 1, 2012

Size Matters?

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Emperor

Bran the Blessed was a giant among men. Like a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound he could afford to be gentle because by sheer size he could intimidate.

I'm reminded by this card, at 5'1" I'm occasionally intimidated by tall people. Some years ago when I began yoga my instructor asked me what I wanted to get out of yoga. My immediate response was "taller". She laughed but said it will appear that way because yoga can give you better posture. Sometimes posture is all it takes to fake taller.

"I'm not short. I'm just unusually not tall. ~ Hyesungie


  1. On mornings when I've had an extra-large cup of coffee, I'm 5'2". I can still hear my yoga teacher saying "Extend your spine through the crown..." :)

  2. This Emperor indeed looks like his legs go on forever. Unlike mine. At not quite 5', I've never understood why size matters, why some people can't help themselves and remark on my lack of height. I do tend to be aware of my posture and the size of my heels :)

  3. My response is "my feet touch the ground when I walk".

    thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think attitude and posture does help! I often forget I'm short, but I definitely feel insecure in other ways. I wish I could forget I'm overweight! Hehe. Anyway. Great post. This is a pretty deck. I've used it online but don't own it.

  5. I'm exceedingly tall and it's always annoyed me. All my best friends are short. I've ended up slouching most of my life to be on the same level, and I've never known anyone to share clothing with. But I do love being able to reach things.


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