Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Transitory By Nature

Daily Draw: The Power Deck ~ Balance

What struck me from this image is all the animals but one are moving toward the future. The 4th one from the right is undecided. The shelters are all going off the image into the future. The man though is all proud and pumped and caught up in the day because he has ... balanced rocks.

I'm reminded by this card balancing rocks is an art I admire, but by their very nature designed to be here today, gone tomorrow. I'm asking myself to remember the goal we are working toward and not sabotage it with whims because we are forming the very balance of our future.

"All we use are rocks. No glues. No wires. No tricks." ~ Team Sandtastic, Sarasota Florida


  1. Like those balanced rock pics - some of them seem to defy gravity!

  2. Great post, Sharon. Thank you. I think things in our lives can be the rocks that we are blancing. :D

  3. An awkward balance but a balance non the less. He should be proud for the moment and then perhaps join the others. Or not. :))


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