Sunday, March 17, 2013

Running From Or Running To?

Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ World

What an interesting World card. She can be doing nothing but running from something. The companion book says she is dancing, looking back at the leaf in her hand. Erm. I don't think so.

I'm reminded by this card of having breast and lung cancer and how it puts other things in perspective. Rob's raggediest ragged shirt for one. If he is happy wearing it what business is it of mine to seek and destroy?
And I'll never feel guilty again for spending the day in my quilt room when I get the opportunity. What or who could it possibly hurt? So I may be picking up speed, but I'm also creating a kinder balance in my world.

"This means that I don't have to run faster than the psychotic-maniac-vampire-cannibal, I just have to run faster than whoever is with me when the psychotic-maniac-vampire-cannibal starts chasing us." Jim Benton 1960- Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers

The Enchanted Tarot; textile fiber card art by Amy Zerner, 182 page book by Monte Farber. The cards are based on fiber art, the book is one of my favorite companion pieces. St. Martin's Press


  1. quite right/good to remember about how enjoying wearing/doing what you like isn't a waste, though its sometimes easy to think that. reminds me of getting annoyed with myself the other day for 'wasting the afternoon/evening' re-reading a book i really like...

    and yeah, that does look more like running than dancing...

  2. Good point. I have to catch myself when I'm being petty. As Sheryl Crow says (I think) 'If it makes you can't be that bad.'


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