Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sit Bums

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ Queen of Coins

Chairs, in the time of the ancients were only found in the homes of the very rich. The upper middle class might have a few stools and pillows. Everyone else sat on the floor and thought nothing of it.

I'm reminded by this card to think about what today's rich might have that I don't. My versions are modest, but I can't think of anything. Airplane? I can however think of four things many poor, by government thresholds, have that I don't. Funny old world...including the guidelines below. I suppose they think I'll be eating more often than Rob?

"For one- and two-person family units, the poverty thresholds differ by age; an individual under age 65 with income of $11,702 qualifies as poor, whereas an individual age 65 or older is poor at $10,788 annual income." ~ U.S. Census Bureau Poverty Thresholds, 2011

 This week it is the 2006 tarot from Lo Scarabeo based on ancient Etruscan art. The Etruscan civilization predated the Romans and the art for this deck was inspired by or came from tombs and necropoleis in what is now Tuscany. Art by Silvana Alasia, booklet by Riccardo Minetti

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  1. that guideline is pretty bizarre. it's not like fixed expenses change just because you got a few years older and...yeah, wow.


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