Saturday, October 12, 2013

Death, Disguised, Is Still Death

Daily Draw: Pearls of Wisdom Tarot ~ Death

Shhhhh, she whispered. Come closer. We don't want to be heard being cruel. But sometimes we poke fun at new readers. Every question seems to be "will the guy I saw on the bus become my soul mate" or "why did she unfriend me". And they keep drawing cards until they get the one which suits their wishes or needs.

I'm reminded by this Death card the joke is on me. I drew the 9 of Swords from the PetraK deck this morning. Because I didn't like the shadow that cast on this coming week of changes, I drew another. And another. And finally thumbed through the entire deck. And put it away in favor of this week's Pearls of Wisdom. And look what I drew. This deck was drawn as an outlet for the grief of the artist for her mother and son. I honor her grief by creating an outlet for my own.

"If we  never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer's day." ~ Anthon St Maarten

Pearls of Wisdom was painted over several years by Roxi Sim as a outlet for her grief; the pearls represent her mother, the rainbows and gems represent her son. The digest sized 150 page booklet which is boxed with the second edition cards is very well done with a color image of every card, two or three pages for each major and a full page for each minor. Roxi recently published a companion workbook.
Now out of print, the first edition has white borders and a much smaller book, (2007) the second edition has narrow blue borders, a much better frame for the art. (2008) Both published by 7th House, The Woodlands, Texas.


  1. This is truly a remarkable deck I've googled some images and they are so rich of color and symbolism. They remind me of the tarot of the Sidhe.
    Yes the death card… For me Death from this deck is focusing on the transformation and a new beginning. But when you experience Death (one way or the other) I think you should always make room to grief. Because when grief is ignored, one day it will ambush you, stronger than it ever was.

  2. I've thought about grieving a lot over the last few years. Black rage took the place of the grief I should have been able to express and move through for my father in law. By the time two years had passed and I was able to let go of the rage new and terrible griefs overran me and there I was. No defense, no protection, no outlet.
    Funny old life isn't it?

    1. I've postponed the grief for my husband for about four years. He didn't die, but has suffered a major stroke which has changed him deeply to the point that he couldn't be my husband anymore. After taking care of him for four years while denying every change, I fell in deep depression and the grief swept over me
      It’s years later now and I am oke but the grief is always there. Mostly quiet, but still

  3. Grieving just makes you feel so damn vulnerable (like fear); anger feels much more powerful. It's hard to open a heart that has been closed off in order to protect it. (((S)))

  4. Bless your heart. I have a good friend in the same boat. He just is not the man she was married to for 8 years.
    My brother in law was injured in a logging accident. 21 years old with 3 children. He had to start learning from scratch, and certainly has never been the man he was. His wife stuck with him for 10 years though. Now that is strength.

    Thanks for stopping by. Sycamore Tree and I were just talk/typing the internet seems SO slow today.
    Buy why am I in a hurry? Remember dial up? We were saints ;)


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