Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gnome Alert

Daily Draw: PetraK Tarot ~ Prince of Coins/Discs

Gotta love the decks based on the Thoth. This prince has the original titles Prince of the Chariot of Earth and Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes. It is difficult for me to imagine Aleister and Lady Freida discussing a decan that contained Gnomes.
On the other hand this prince is an avid learner of new things. And don't we see little bearded blue hatted red cloaked gnomes in the oddest places? Looking wise?

I'm reminded by this card just because I don't understand something on the first pass doesn't mean it is un-understandable. It is simply time to install a bigger cat door for my brain, catch the passing gnome's eye, and invite them in for mutual edification.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly." ~ Pat Frayne  Tales of Topaz the Conjure Cat


  1. Gnomes?! That is priceless. Of course they do seem very down-to-earth people, literally and otherwise. :D

  2. Literally T(LOL)
    You could also put some milk outside to invite them in. I love tales about little helpful gnomes. They are so practical and eager to help. Therefor I see this prince especially as a student of new practical skills.
    beautiful colors in this card :)


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