Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wherein Sharyn Exposes Ignorance

Daily Draw: Cross Stitch Lenormand ~ Dog Bird Man

You now see pretty much all I know about using Lenormand cards. Shuffle and lay out a line.
And hard and fast rules or you get your fingers rapped by those in the know.

They seem to date back to Marie Lenormand 1772-1843 who did cartomancy divination with them.
They probably have been in use ever since, in a low key way, until with the ease of gathering images and printing  them out, Lenormand decks are the hula-hoop of today. This deck is from the mind and fingers of Katt, a cross stitch aficionado, and as a Needleslinger myself I had to buy a Cross Stitch Lenormand deck of my own.

Dog Bird Man
A faithful friend who is cheerful is a friend to keep for life.
An instinctive nose for news, shared  with a friend, soon travels far. 

Or if you read with the center card first, flanked by the other two:
Companions; A steadfast mate with a roof over our heads uhhh, oommm? 
I'll think on it and come back later...

"If ignorance is bliss, there should be more happy people." ~ Victor Cousin 1792-1867

If you are a lenormand buff, I'd really appreciate you sharing in the comments how you'd read these cards, I'll learn a lot from it! Thanks!


  1. I totally agree with you on that. Sometimes I wish I knew less, so I could worry less, want less. think less, read less and be ignorant, never knowing what I'v missed :)
    But while writing this I think: Hell No !

  2. My goodness, this is a lovely deck - I'm very impressed! I"m definitely not very knowledgeable about Lenormands, but I'll have to say I instantly thought of your connection with your husband, and how he must be a loyal, true friend through thick and thin.

  3. Loved the quote :D

    As for the Lenormand line, a few ideas that pop up for me are: feeling anxious about a friend leads to action; a decisive conversation with your partner; a phone call with a friend about a man; excitement about a male friend; an anxious friend has a decision to make; a talkative friend meets a man; a conversation between your husband and a friend; a choice of two men - the one you're with, and the one who has always been there in the background. I've gone from more psychological (my personal preference) to more predictive...

  4. What an adorable Lenormand.

    Funny that you are reading with a Lenormand this week, as I am using a 'kind of' Lenormand on my blog today as well. Despite my name, my Lenormand experience is not wide. I say 'read it how you like' and 'like how you read it' ;)


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