Monday, October 28, 2013

Who Were The Idiots?

Daily Draw: Cross Stitch Lenormand ~ Mice + Ruler + House
I had an interesting dream last night, a couple I didn't know were explaining they had declared bankruptcy because they were broke with twenty-five million dollars worth of debt. They thought they were being clever by having mailed everything they owned to a different address so they could keep it. This mice with the giant cheese, screw the rules, and beautiful home could be read like my dream. And I'm thinking who were the idiots that allowed them credit?

"Those who made the laws have apparently supposed, that every deficiency of payment is the crime of the debtor. But the truth is, the creditor always shares the act, and often more than shares the guilt, of  improper trust." ~ Samuel Johnson 1709-1784


  1. Yes, It is just like your dream, but the difficulty with lenormand for me is that you can read these three cards in so many ways .It also could be about an argument which will be solved bit by bit by a kind family?????

  2. true, but so can tarot be read with so many variations. My blog is a perfect example. I've drawn every single card at least 2 dozen times, yet not any posts duplicate each other. The card plus the day makes the difference.
    A friend is mailing me a sort of cheat sheet to get me started with. I don't have time to scour the internet :)

    1. I've made myself a little book with nouns and verbs and adjectives, but still it is tricky :)

  3. So did Katt use the ruler in place of the whip? I actually can relate much better to the ruler - reminds me of those swats I got on my young legs and of my third grade teacher who used one on the palm of students who didn't mind.
    The whole group makes me think of little nuisances that can grow into a big problem, then taking out the ruler to bring things in line again (creating a happy, stable environment again).

  4. ruler in place of whip. Come to think of it, she probably did. I don't know all the images so just thought of it as a ruler. See, I'm learning something every day. It was probably hard to find a whip design in cross stitch?


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