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Thursday, January 9, 2014

As Dog Is My Witness

Daily Draw: Sacred Geometry Cards ~ Apsaras Hands

Effort Achievement Completion. One of Julia Cameron's books had me do a life time-line in five year increments. Some things I needed to dig deep to even make a blip on one time-line, some things spread through many time-lines. I still have it, but what reads a floppy disc now?

I'm reminded by this card, and these hands, modeled on those found everywhere in the ancient Cambodian temple Angkor Wat, of the key word Effort. Without that life is simply unremarkable. Our only ripples would be from someone else's efforts. Beyond that, how often do we celebrate our achievements and completions? They are both moving targets because they change as we approach them. I'm going to put a sticky note here and try to come up with five completions and five current efforts.

"If dogs could tell us everything they have seen, all the gaps of our lives would stitch themselves into a whole." ~ Carolyn Parkhurst 1971- The Dogs of Babe


  1. It is a lovely thing to do: writing such a list. It is like complimenting yourself when nobody else notices how great you really are
    I am sure you're able to come up with a few efforts and completions

  2. I bet my animals could tell some tales... :) I believe I could read over your blog posts for the past few years and come up with five of efforts and challenges. :)


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