Saturday, January 4, 2014

Backwater Politics

Daily Draw: Santa Fe Tarot ~ 5 of Swords/Lightning

The inverted rainbow shows Thunder Yei has received something not deserved which in the end will bring no pleasure.

I'm reminded by this card of Kathryn (Kay) Gould. Prior to my senior year our little backwater school got a new principal. He had a wife and two children. Kathryn (or Kathrine?) was in my class. She was smart as a whip and earned the Valedictorian spot. Except some parents (not mine) rose up and said she hadn't been at the school long enough to earn such an honor. It was a despicable thing to do, plus it bumped me to Salutatorian which was an honor I neither desired nor appreciated. Where ever you are Kathryn, I'm sure your brains have put the rest of us to shame, rock on.

"Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people or find a different room." ~ Michael Dell 1965-   Addressing the University of Texas graduates 2003


  1. Entitlement can create a hell on earth. Good on your parents for allowing the girl to have her moment without trying to take her down a notch.

  2. I was the smart kid too long time ago and I never liked it. I always wanted to be more like every body else and be good at sports.

  3. that is just it. She didn't have her moment, she wasn't allowed to speak at all. I was 3rd in class which in a small school doesn't mean squat.

    Ellen, the only next to failing grade I ever got was in what we call physical education here. I got a D. Couldn't climb the knot rope, could only do 4 pushups, couldn't throw the baseball far enough...I was pathetic. I'm stronger now than I was in school, thanks to yoga practice.

    1. I was the one who was always chosen last when we had to play a game with two teams at school. :)

    2. Those parents should have been tarred and feathered....

  4. Hi Dear Sharyn!!!! Very Happy New Year and my best wishes for you!!!! I have to say it again: I love the way you write!!!! Excellent phrase!!!! I learn with you!!! Thanks!!! Big kiss and Muchas Estrellas!!!!!


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