Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bit Between The Teeth

Daily Draw: Fairy Lights Tarot ~ Strength

Artists use a lot of poetic license with this particular card, anything from beastiality to lying down with the lambs...this one has a bald fairy with a Santa hat and thigh high red boots sawing back on a bit as part of the harness lashup.

I'm reminded by this card the very idea of using a bit gets my back up, yet each day I use a bit of some sort, mental physical or emotional, on myself. I expect given time and training the cruel  bit could be expendable, but do I even consider it? Easier to yank myself up abruptly. Perhaps next life around it will come to mind before the bit is already part of the day.

"Simia est simia, etiami purpura vestiatur"

Fairy Lights Tarot, art by Lucia Mattioli, published by Lo Scarabeo, 2013. Mattioli's first deck was double sided, this deck has many pairs which complete a scene.


  1. I prefer Strength cards in which the animal and the person relate to eachother in a more friendly equal way
    As for the bit in the next life, I always tell myself to take some notes with me in my coffin so I remember what I want and definitely don´t want to next time I visit this planet :)

  2. I suppose if I look at the bear as part of myself, then I get sometimes needing the bit. But I think if you dangled a square of Dove dark chocolate in front of me, I might cooperate with a better attitude. :D


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