Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Daily Draw: Sacred Geometry Deck ~ Wild Orchids

What is hiding or what is being hidden from us?

How would we know if we don't know? Or if what we know for sure, is wrong? What if it is important and we never find out, what then? It seems like a math question that ends in an eternity of .777777's. If we get to 7 number 17 is that discovery still the same at 7 number 56? Some questions are pointless at 4:45 AM.

"I have a stash of mustaches I keep hidden in my armpits. I like to disguise my disguises." ~ Jarod Kintz 1982-


  1. Is that a hexagram hidden in there?

  2. Ignorance is bliss. I have to admit I'v given up reading newspapers because they mad me feel sad and helpless. There hasn't been a single day I have missed this

  3. It is 2 V shapes like the old thingie on a chevy hood, one pointing south, one pointing north.

    Ellen, I gave up news papers long ago, or I guess you call it newsfeed now. My home start page has news modules on it for US Canada Australia and the UK but limited to 4 headlines. Even some of those I consider non-news or rejected news...Much of it is not my idea of news. I couldn't care less how long Mily Cyrus's tongue is.

  4. " I couldn't care less how long Mily Cyrus's tongue is."
    [Gasping from laughing so hard :D]


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