Saturday, January 11, 2014


Daily Draw: Sacred Geometry Deck ~ Sanctuary

My physical sanctuary has been in an uproar. Beavers got in the pond this fall and fell about ten of the trees surrounding it. Into the pond of course, not over the fences which I guess is a good thing in it's own way. When the ground dries out we'll chain the tractor to the mess and start pulling the trees out.

I'm reminded by this card my mental sanctuary is also a mess. Know the game 52 pickup? I feel like all those cards, in the air.
I close my eyes, breathe deep, clear mind and heart. Often. It helps.

"What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon." ~ Denis Waitley 1933-


  1. The artwork of this deck is beautiful. Is the book helpful, or has it a lot of new age jargon? Take a deep (mindful) breath as often as possible; I have found deep, audible sighs help too. (((S)))

  2. I am sorry you feel this way. Sometimes breathing is the only thing one can do if nothing else can be changed
    take care and hugs


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