Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Still Inside Teaching

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Have all your professional teachers worked on the basis of integrity and truth? I went to a small country 12 year school and being small had some benefits, but it seemed to draw dummies and bullies for it's teaching staff.

I never had children, but if I did I would have spent a lot of time deciding where to live, by the reputation of the schools. And it sure as heck wouldn't be a small country school in spite of the benefits.

The teachers who are still inside teaching?
Mrs. Ollie E. Camp 1st and 2nd grade. She knew what the 3 R's are, and gave us understanding to get to the root and proceed from there.
Mrs. Davis 4th grade. Let our creativity out to play. Every creative thing I've accomplished since leads straight back to her, for opening the door.
Mrs. Alice Bingham. 4 years of journalism and associated office skills.

Thank You.

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  1. Some of my toughest teachers are now my favorites, as are the ones who were there because they were motivated by a love of teaching and learning.


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