Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blood Runs Deep

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Ancestor of Tribes

From our Dancer of Friendship, which is one on one, we step both back in time and forward, to our Tribe. Mine would be founded in the ancient European Germanic migratory tribes, more recently in the First Peoples Choctaw tribe. Our current tribes are multiple but easier to define. Workplace, religion, family, neighborhood, school, cultural and hobby groups, even facebook. For some, perhaps most of all by facebook.

I'm reminded by this card all our new tribes we've gravitated to still have some kind of leader, mentors, and followers. Interesting that.
To stop and wonder if my life is formed and defined by my life, or my tribes.
To wonder if the tribes I'm associated with serve my needs, and do I serve them equal value, or am I the pillock in the back row who wandered in by mistake. January 1 is a good day for these thoughts, take an axe and sever what doesn't nurture, cultivate what does.


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  1. I love this picture of the hare and also the image of us hacking around with our axes :D


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