Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cautionary Curiousity

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Dreamtime ~ Bogong Moth

Myee's wings were all colors before she became curious about the Snowy Mountain peaks, flew there, and was buried in snowfall. Come snowmelt she was released, but her colors stayed on the snow and then melted into the earth. She was forever brown after that and Snowy Mountain has gloriously colored flowers.

Rather a cautionary tale about natural curiosity and stepping outside our pew or box. Because everything we do reshapes us on some level. I'm reminded by this card, moths are the only living creature I'm irrationally frightened of. The Bogongs migrate enmass. I'm not sure I'd survive their passing.

 "But tho' dreams of delight may have dazzled you quite,
They at last found it dangerous play;
Many things in this world that look bright, pretty moth,
Only dazzle to lead us astray." ~ Thomas Haynes Bayly 1797-1839


  1. I guess stepping outside the box wasn't something that was encouraged in the past:)

  2. I think it has always been hardwired into our psyche, what else would make frontiers to become settled, individuals vying for a chance to fly in space, or join and fight for lost causes? For the individuals the key might be weighing the consequences. Because there are always consequences...


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