Saturday, January 31, 2015

Claustrophobic Pressure

Tao Oracle + I Ching Book of Changes
I Ching 9 The Taming Power of the Small

The need and pressure to change, fix, control, move, and it absolutely isn't happening.

Caught in that sticky net day to day life can be trying. It can be downright crazymaking. The claustrophobic pressure of the situation can paralyze the mind and/or heart. That has to come out somewhere. Sores, irritable bowels, hair loss, crankiness to the 9th degree.  At this point we need to turn our Florence Nightingale complex inward, it has to suffice to carry us through. It has to... On the other hand, it is an excellent time for self-examination. Or housekeeping. Or learning to spell.

I Ching 9
"You are temporarily restrained. It is a time for taking small steps."


  1. I once read that some spider's have certain strands on their web that aren't sticky, so they can move around more easily. From
    "In most orb weaver webs, for example, only the spiral threads have adhesive qualities. The spokes of the web, as well as the center of the web where the spider rests, are constructed without "glue." She can use these threads as pathways to walk around the web without sticking."

  2. I wonder if the spider feels just as trapped as the fly.


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