Friday, January 30, 2015

Go Back And Fix It Times Two

Tao Oracle + I Ching Book of Changes
64 Before Completion  54 Marrying Maiden

Last chances to get it right. Every day we complete tasks, pronounce it finished, and move on. But sometimes something niggles. The quilt top from the quilt mystery that starts in November is finished and hanging on my working wall. Except yesterday as I assembled the border units I realized I missed four spots ripe for some added drama. Rolled my eyes and said no way, it's good enough. But it isn't. Today I'll do some seam ripping and fix it.

What has the marrying maiden to do with us? Compromising situations where we wimp out and say "I was just doing my job".  Worst case scenario, the death camps. Compared to that we might think "this isn't so bad, who does it hurt?" This card reminds me, it hurts me and I should have said no, to a boss I respected and admired who annually had me create false documents relating to the sale of deicer. I hated doing it, but I did it. It was my job, right? In retrospect I know I wouldn't have been fired, someone else would have been assigned the job. Why didn't I just say no? So today, twenty-five years later it still bothers me. I wish I could fix it.

I Ching 64 Wei Chi/Before Completion
"The transition from chaos to order depends upon your achieving true inner calm."

I Ching 54 Kuei Mei/The Marrying Maiden
"In relationships desires lead to misfortune.Behave with discipline and balance."


  1. Twenty-six years ago, my boss's boss was a bit too touchy and constantly made sexual references. I wish I'd punched him in the nose (or at the very least told him to stick it), but I was afraid of losing my job. Too bad we can't rewrite history. :)

  2. I pulled the Marrying Maiden just before Christmas. A lovely reminder not to play the role of the good mother and the sweet wife.
    I have enjoyed your posts about this deck a lot! Thank you for that. And it is a good reminder to wipe the dust of the box :) it is too good a deck to stand idle on the shelf

  3. I had two men bosses that liked to hug shoulders. A best friends uncle was so creepy I refused to go in the house. A woman knows the difference between a hugger and a lecher.

    I've had the Tao Oracle forever and it is the only deck I have never used on the blog. Normally it sits in the big roll top desk upstairs and serves as my meditation deck. Sometimes the cards just stay a few days, some have served as long as six months. But it just seemed time to let it our for an airing... It hasn't showed it's happy side this week, but never mind, maybe tomorrow.


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