Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kindness and Consideration

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Dreamtime ~ Kangaroo

In the dreamtime, mother kangaroo earned the pouch in which marsupials carry their young by doing several acts of selfless kindness and consideration.

I'm reminded by this card, in nondreamtime these acts are seldom if ever rewarded. We do them because at core it is what sets us above what we so easily can become.

"The reality is, it takes daily cultivation of a spiritual path, to sustain not the feeling of elation, but the focused, mindful path of steady growth." ~ S. Kelley Harrell Gift of the Dreamtime - Reader's Companion

Oracle of the Dreamtime by Donni Hakanson, 1998, published by Journey Editions/Eddison Sadd Ltd. 45 round cards and softcover 176 page companion book, images by six artists, based on Australian Aboriginal culture and ancient stories of the Dreamtime.


  1. Ah, there's the rub - effort not for selfish gain but for the benefit of others. Hard to keep that up with no pats on the back!

  2. What a kind post! :) I discovered you checking the links back to my site, how wonderful! By the way, the Dreamtime is still alive, we live and breathe it 24/7! It never stopped and never will... it's LIFE! I thought you might be interested in this, it's still a work in progress! Blessings, Donni x

  3. thanks for stopping by Donni, it is an amazing oracle, always giving food for thought


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