Monday, January 26, 2015


I Ching Book of Changes + Tao Oracle
63 Completion ~ 58 Joyous

The one drawback to retirement: First getting your head around the idea you have all day week month to do a job, and then taking all day week month to do a job.
What I've set for my work task today I would have done in two hours when I knew I had to leave for work at 8 AM.
What I will do, and enjoy doing is mosey along on it, interspersed with dipping into my two hour computer time, adding stitches to the quilt top almost finished, visiting with my little other words lollygagging skygazing navel inspecting like a ten year old in the outfield playing recess baseball.
I'll get there but it is lovely to savor the joyous journey of it all. This is a different world for someone who has worked steadily since she was fifteen. As long as I don't lose track entirely, which is in fact, my base fear.
(edited to add, I completed my chosen task finally at 5:30 PM, only took me 11 hours. life is good)

I Ching 63 Chi Chi After Completion
"Good fortune unfolds for those who remain on guard against inferior influences."

I Ching 58 Tui The Joyous
"True joy is experienced by those who are strong within and gentle without."


  1. I think retirement is only frustrating or boring for those who have no hobbies/interests, or who belong to no groups. It is nice to have those mindful pauses in between tasks. :)

  2. Savourer the well earned change of path for your journey :)


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