Saturday, January 24, 2015


Daily Draw: Ananda Tarot ~ 4 of Coins/Spheres

Maintenance and proper care for what we have creates stability. I laughed when I saw this, our house is about forty years old now and baths and kitchen are showing their age. We had the bright idea to have the upstairs bath redone after we saw a gorgeous seamless shower mock-up at a quilt show of all places. We did the tear-out, and mid-November the shower went in.

I'm reminded by this card tomorrow we will be grouting the floor tile and it will be finished. Well almost...there are still two cupboards that need doors but that shouldn't take us more than..six weeks? We will shortly be washing in the new sink and presiding on the new throne and all that will be left to do is clean the house top to bottom of all the drywall dust. Arrugh. We've been here twenty plus years, and the house is becoming a bit like George Washington's ax. Two new heads and three new handles, but it is still his ax. And we've done most of the work. 4 of Coins in action.

"Before you're going to do any remodeling, you should check out the existing market for another home and you're going to find that you can't afford to move anyway. So part of the process becomes being clear about liking where you live." ~   Paul Winans 1948-


  1. Ha ha this is like painting one door and in the end the whole house is painted :D

  2. I love the quote. Being a new homeowner of an older home there is much that could be done. But does it need to be done. Liking where I live and the reasons I chose to live where I live are foremost in my mind. Hope your bathroom is complete soon and you love it. :))

    1. I know what you mean, the bathroom is really the first thing we've done for the pure pleasure of having something nice for us. The roof, siding, windows, decks were all do it before it's too late to do it jobs.
      Lovely to see you again, hope you are keeping well.


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