Monday, June 22, 2015

Fitting The Mold

Daily Draw: Chakra Wisdom Oracle ~ Rejection

The artist is called for but rejected from jury duty, his hermetic life doesn't fit the profile wanted. I'm seldom called out to play, because I've so often said no thank you, I'm busy. Is it rejection or protection?

I'm reminded by this card to be aware of what I am rejecting as opposed to why I might be rejected by others. It is all a circle, if we want to be part of the active side we need to put ourself forward.

"Nobody's talking to me, but nobody's hassling me either. I guess you can't have everything." ~ Beatrice Sparks 1917-2012

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  1. Being an introvert is a conundrum. I want to enjoy outings and people, but in small doses. :)


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