Sunday, July 26, 2015

Easy Money Free Money

Daily Draw: Guardians Of Wisdom Deck ~ 10 of Coins/Diamonds

If I believed in fortune telling this would sure be a neat card to receive. I lived just across the river in Oregon when Washington state began selling lottery tickets in 1982. Forty-three states now have lotteries but it was a fun new novelty then.  Every morning one of our customers would come by and pick up some of our hard earned dollars, wag them across the river, and come back with a fist full of lottery tickets. There weren't any winners of course, but we'd shriek if we got a three dollar hit anyway.

I'm reminded by this card, I know two people with a gambling addiction. born of Indian casinos, not scratch tickets, but it comes to the same thing, both have nothing left but the clothes they stand in. Easy money free money? Hardly, I figured out way back in 1982 gambling was a suckers game and nothing I've seen since has altered that opinion.

"I don't gamble, because winning a hundred dollars doesn't give me great pleasure and losing a hundred dollars pisses me off." ~ Alex Trebek 1940-

Guardians of Wisdom, subtitled Universal Power Cards.
Art by Emy Ledbetter, words by Todd Hershey, no companion book with this set but it comes with seven extra cards, four with the story behind the deck and three with spreads suggested for use with the deck. The entire deck is designed to use both upright and reversed card positions. Printed by Carta Mundi, 2000.
The suits are:
Swords as spades, in the Ancient Asian category
Cups as hearts, in the Goddess category
Wands as clubs, in the Angel category
Coins as diamonds, in the Native American category
Majors are marked with a triangle and are the Universal Guardians group.

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  1. The lottery here seems to attract the people who would be better off wisely saving their money.


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